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As I finally decided to start my new journey, there lied numerous tasks and a great deal of planning. At first, the whole idea of living without family, especially without my brother, wasn’t accepted but at certain times we have to bid farewell to the most dear things and people around us to get what we’ve been aspiring for. My friends in India were so excited about starting their university life and then there was me, struggling to imagine what my life would be like just a few months from now. Lost in my own world for some time, battling through tons of emotions, memories and reminiscing my childhood days, I was initially more depressed than excited about my “would be” life.

There was a month in between when I got my student visa and my journey to Canada. In that short period of time I had an array of things to do, starting from the most important –PACKING LUGGAGE to the most stupid- surprising every relative/acquaintance/friend each night by paying them an unexpected visit.
It’s really a skillful task to pack your luggage with all those ESSENTIAL THINGS. Yes, I emphasize the word ESSENTIAL because we are in the habit of taking all the dear and affectionate things we possess. In situations like this, where we are emotionally unstable, we tend to pack or count on every possible material possession which we’ve ever received/bought or have been gifted. This is where an experienced person’s advice can be really beneficial. Always remember that our luggage is governed by standard weight for flight regulations and we cannot exceed that count, no matter how desperately we want to! So be very careful while packing.

I knew from the beginning that I was to live with my grandparents so I didn’t have to worry about most of the life sustaining things as I’ll be directly landing in a HOME, AWAY FROM HOME! But if you are going to live on campus (residence) be prepared to bring in some basic utensils, ready-to-cook meals (which aren’t perishable like Maggie packs, chopped vegetables) as it might happen that the taste of food here may not be relished at the beginning. You can also pack in some toiletries. If you’re planning to buy any new gadget/electronic device like laptops and phones then I suggest to delegate it some more. It’s better if you purchase the technical appliances from here to avoid any electrical malfunctions.

For most of us English is not our mother tongue, so you might feel a little hesitant in speaking to people in English all the time. Just remember one thing – it’s not a matter of being ashamed if you don’t have a command over the language as it is justified that your native language all these years has been something else. People try not to speak and break their comfort shell in the first go because they are pre-governed with thoughts of being a victim of “inferiority complex”. Let me enlighten this matter; nobody in this world is born with the knowledge of every fact or dialect. It’s not new how people suppress their thoughts thinking “What if I say something which is grammatically incorrect?”.
Believe me, it’s just NORMAL! Every person commits errors but the underlying crunch is – Try as diligently you can to get hold of American Canadian accent. And don’t prolong the state of being in “Cultural Shock”.

My friends, I understand the mental anxiety and chaos you all might be going through.  Leaving one’s parents, siblings and friends doesn’t go that easily. But if you think in terms of the future opportunities and career prospects you’ll be showered with, and the kind of exposure you’ll receive by living in such a multicultural society, I am sure it will outweigh the rest. For me, my parents supported me in and out in this decision. They always used to cheer me up by letting me dream about the beauty of the country I am going to and gave me oodles of confidence that I’m a mature girl and am capable of handling complicated situations. So, live your days with friends and family to the fullest and fly here with all the positivity, high-spirits and merriness.

Let’s add this process too in our most cherished chapters of the life’s book! I hope that one day we all will stand tall taking pride in our action of choosing CANADA for our education.

  1. November 30, -0001


    hi kriti. rishi here. you are so lucky study in canada. bcoz canada is a dream country to all the personnn1

  2. November 30, -0001


    Am a nigerian an I no that schooling in Canada is the best place to school so am proud to school in Canada and I will like other to come and experience what I have experience in Canada.nn1

  3. May 13, 2012


    well written, i was getting emotional reading that lol

  4. May 15, 2012


    Musa Ndahi,
    I once felt like this too… But Canada will be a better place to be..

  5. May 17, 2012


    Hahaha :D Thanks! Felt great that atleast somebody liked it ;)

  6. May 17, 2012


    Yeaa… So far it’s been great here.. rest who knows :P
    Where are you from?

  7. June 2, 2012


    nobody is perfect,
    i am nobody….
    nothing is impossible,
    impossible itself say i am possible…,have a good life in canada

  8. June 3, 2012


    Ahaha That’s true indeed!! And I like that you have such a positive outlook for life. Great it is!! :)
    Thanks, I will surely have a good one :)

  9. October 10, 2012

    Hardik modi

    Is that true that cuac help to get admission in university in 2-3 days in education fair?


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