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Master Degrees & PGDs

Canada is an amazing country in which to do a post-Bachelor program.

*Students looking for detailed information on our post-Bachelor programs should click on the link to visit our sister site
Canadian Graduate Application Centre.

First, professional Master programs are available offering an extensive selection from law to manufacturing management to engineering.

Why is this so valuable? Because Professional Master programs do not require you to find a supervising professor, which is extremely difficult.

However, you must be a very good student, and for some programs, demonstrate related work experience or other qualifications. You will need excellent English proficiency – some programs will permit you to improve your English at the university first before starting the Master program.

*Canada is the 3rd most popular destination for MBA in the world! Read More >>

Meanwhile, there are some excellent Post-Graduate Diplomas that are worth thinking about . Canada has a system of colleges, funded, like its universities, by government money.

Their quality is excellent and they are known for excellent career preparation.

It is more and more common for Canadians to do a college PGD after completing a degree.

Secondly, all of these programs, Master degrees and PGDs, enable students to qualify for a work permit after graduation of at least one year, or if the student does 4 semesters (considered two years), a three year work permit!

Find more information about post-graduation work permits and about post-graduation immigration opportunities here.

*CUAC does not assist with thesis-based programs.
Students should read on-line about potential advisors, whose publications indicate research focus appropriate to the student’s academic and professional experience. Then they should contact these professors to see if they are accepting new students to know if it is worthwhile to start the application procedure.
Akshey Kalra, India

...they answered all of my questions and were constantly in touch with me.”

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Chiamaka Odunukwe, Nigeria

(students) are expected to implement all that you have learned in the classroom or lab, you better be prepared!”"

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Omar Patwari, Bangladesh

I have so many friends from so many different countries that if I want to experience a different country, I just go to my friend’s house!”

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Andrew Fortune, Canada

Andrew’s experience in India has taught him that there should “always be a human face behind academia and professional relationships.”

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Chaitanya Manchanda, India

“I also encourage ‘special students’ to apply,” he says. “Canada has a lot to offer, and one won’t feel at a loss—it is an education without barriers!”

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Luv and Kush Aggarwal

“Windsor is an amazing place, so many things to do, so many friends to be with, and an opportunity to exercise independence.”

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Madan Roy, Bangladesh

“Looking back now, I know I made a good decision, I got accepted into the program found subsidized housing for my family and this spring I will earn a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.”

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Meghna Kararia, India

"Studying in Canada is a 360 degree change for me; [...] Almost 90% of the staff and professors are willing to help you, even after scheduled hours.”

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Trith Vaishnay, India

" have to be on your toes the entire semester because everything you do matters.” explains Tirth who prefers the Canadian system of grading.

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