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Mr. Dani Zaretsky is back in Zambia!  Come meet the director of CUAC and expert in Canadian higher education.  Learn about undergraduate degree programs in liberal arts, science, engineering, business, fine arts, and more!  Master's degree programs are also available in business and computer science/data analytics.  Apply now for classes starting in September 2018!

Tel: +260 211 256818

Mob: +260 977 857 737 / +260 966 754 791

Email: zambia@canada123.org


1. Your academic achievements have to be very good. 

2. Each year of a four-year bachelor's degree study usually needs a budget of at least $29,000 Canadian dollars, including all living costs. Some degree programs and universities will require a higher budget. 

Master's degree programs are commonly two years, and each year usually needs a budget of about $30,000 to $35,000 Canadian dollars, including all living costs. Different degrees have different tuition costs.

We cannot assist with funding.

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I can afford an annual budget of approximately $23,000 US Dolllars (226,000 ZMW) *
Based upon today's exchange rates and costs, a sample budget for one year covering tuition, lodging, food, medical insurance, and books would be approximately $23,000 U.S. Dollars