The CUAC actually started in Dhaka !

In 1997 a liaison office of the University of Windsor was opened inside BRAC, the world’s largest NGO, which does such a superb job helping millions of Bangladeshis.

Shafkat Chowdhury Director, Bangladesh

Farhana Ali

Sabrina Mahbub Counsellor

Sharjah Ibrahim

Sharjah Ibrahim

Soon after, the office grew, and eventually was situated inside BRAC University, and today it is located in the Hosna Centre in the middle of one of Dhaka’s most important neighbourhoods for embassies, universities and schools. Today the Canadian University Application Centre brings eight universities and their programs to Bangladeshi students – making it easy for them to get information, access applications to Canada’s world-class public institutions of higher learning.



In the last 13 years, the office has helped 900+ Bangladeshis to come to Canada for study – a remarkable number, since when the office first opened in 1997, only 40 Bangladeshis in total were studying at Canadian universities. Today, the CUAC is the most recognized, respected and responsible name in all of Bangladesh, for study abroad counselling for Canada.

Whether you are an A Level student, an HSC graduate, or a University transfer student – if you are bright, ambitious and serious about studies – we urge you to visit our office and meet our friendly and capable staff.

Also note we regularly organize university delegates & representatives to visit Dhaka several times a year, and conduct free public seminars and visits to schools and universities.

CUAC Dhaka is your first point-of-contact with these great Canadian institutions. It is a one-stop centre for students who are interested in studying in Canada. We provide you with information, brochures, education and visa counselling – all free of service to serious students.

Canadian University Application Centre, Dhaka
Suite 203, Hosna Centre
106 Gulshan Avenue
Dhaka 1212
Tel: +880.2.8826445
Cell: +880.1911.365221

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Tel: +880.2.8826445


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