Whether you enjoy crunching numbers or contemplating economic theories, combining solid business training with social sciences equips you for any number of careers and provides you with the valuable skills most sought after in the workplace. Management and Organizational Studies (MOS) at Huron offers you a variety of courses and modules to pursue in the areas of accounting, finance, business administration, management, organizational studies, policy and ethics.

The BMOS degree provides a stepping-stone to post-graduate professional designations, such as CPA and CFA, and good preparation for a wide variety of business careers.

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Algoma University’s four-year Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a unique program, different from other university programs found across the province.  Our faculty are committed to a hands-on learning experience where students are able to establish a personal relationship with their professors.

Algoma University’s student body is one of the most diverse in Canada. With over 22 per cent of our students coming from outside of Canada, our student body is reflective of today’s global marketplace. By having such a diverse classroom, students are exposed to new and differing ideals and opinions, in regard to laws, customs, property governance, and finance.

Once students have graduated from the program, they will have an understanding of alternative business strategies and how to work with a diverse clientele – both of which are assets to resumes! Plus, Algoma U grads know the benefits of working in a diverse workplace, a key question asked in interviews by employers in today’s competitive workforce.

Aside from learning in a diverse classroom setting, students are also given plenty of opportunities to network and build upon their connections in the business world. As most know, networking is one of the most crucial aspects of the job search. In today’s competitive workforce, not all jobs are made public; rather, many are advertised through word-of-mouth. People must rely upon colleagues, friends, relatives, and acquaintances to help sell themselves. At Algoma U, our business administration students are constantly interacting with business professionals and institutions in Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding Algoma region. Students will work with and alongside businesses, developing business plans and strategies to improve on production, effectiveness, and efficiency. Students will also have networking opportunities at the University’s annual Northern Ontario Business Case Competition, where they compete against each other and are judged by regional business experts. Many Algoma U grads have cited these networking opportunities as the keystone to their success, providing them with the opportunity to secure a meaningful career in their field.

In addition, Algoma U’s business administration faculty are experts in the field. Rather than just being educated in business, our professors have experienced risk and success in the workforce. From chartered accountants, to certified management accountants, to presidents of influential organizations, and everything in between, our faculty are experts in the business world, and have practical, working hands-on knowledge which they bring to the classroom on a daily basis.

Upon graduation, students in Algoma University’s business administration program will have a strong, well-rounded foundation of business skills and concepts, partnered with the ability to apply these intellectual tools in the challenging and dynamic world of global business. This focus allows our graduates to make a smooth transition from the academic environment to the business world.

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How and why do business practices vary in different societies? The Global Business Management major, unique in its broad interdisciplinary outlook, answers these questions and more. It develops knowledge and abilities in strategic management, cultural awareness, critical analysis and communication and prepares students for a wide choice of careers in international and domestic organizations of all sizes.

As part of the Bachelor of Commerce degree at the Sobey School of Business, this program provides students with the expertise to manage human, physical and financial resources and emerging management issues in both international and domestic businesses.

Global Business Management students participated in a variety of on-campus societies including the Commerce and Accounting Societies, Conflict Resolution, Desi (South Asian) Society, Ethics, Human Resources, and Habitat for Humanity. They have taken part in study abroad programs in France, Germany, China and Hong Kong.

Sample courses offered:

  • International Accounting
  • International Finance
  • International Marketing
  • International Business Management

Language electives:  Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish

Plus geographic electives drawn from: Political Science, History, Anthropology, Atlantic Canada Studies, French, Geography, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Sociology and International Development Studies

Future career opportunities:

  • Foreign affairs analyst
  • Immigration officer
  • Public interest group director
  • International student advisor
  • International operations manager
  • International job analyst

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