CUAC's member universities require proficiency in English. 


The first step is to apply for admission to your desired program. Some programs will not require a test score proving English proficiency if students can show several years of English-medium studies.

For students not yet ready for full-time degree study, there are English as a Second Language programs (ESL). There are different levels offered to ensure that students may develop and improve at the most suitable speeds and stages.

CUAC universities offer excellent preparation to make sure you are ready to start your studies. Highly-trained instructors are used, usually with advanced degrees in English and Applied Linguistics. The instructors offer teaching of academic English, meaning not just English for daily life, but for studies and careers as well.

The programs are highly flexible with start dates throughout the year. Courses offer special emphasis on:

  • Academic Vocabulary Development
  • Pronunciation
  • Oral Fluency
  • Listening and Note-Taking

Studying English as a Second Language at a CUAC university will also teach you about Canada, Canadian life and culture as well as campus life and culture. 

As you get more advanced, you will be introduced to specific preparation you will need for the program you wish to study. There are also special sessions introducing the libraries, computer facilities, student advising offers and academic classrooms so you will be very familiar with the campus and prepare to begin your studies at full speed.