Working Post Graduation

All students who study at least two years at a CUAC university qualify for a three year work permit. The permit also allows for open travel to and from your home country. Shorter programs will still qualify for a post-graduation work permit of some duration.

Getting work experience in Canada after graduation gives the following advantages:

  1. If you return to your home country later, or want to live in another country, you will have impressive Canadian work experience to show potential employers. You will also be able to show that you worked with other Canadians of so many different cultural backgrounds.
  2. You can earn excellent income.
  3. You can establish lifelong friendships and professional relationships.
  4. You can improve your qualifications to get permanent status in Canada, such as through the "Canada Experience Class" or through other programs different provinces offer to attract international students to stay in Canada.
  5. You can improve your qualifications in case you wish to apply to medical school, law school or other professional programs. This is also a possibility for master degrees, including thesis- based research degrees.