The CUAC offers a variety of master’s degree programs from MBAs to LLMs (law), to Masters of Technology, Entrepreneurship and innovation, to Finance or even Applied Economics. 

Sobey School of Business MTEI Program Graduate, Shivani talks about her experience

The Master's programs that the CUAC assists with are valuable because they do not require you to find a supervising professor*. However, students must excel academically. English proficiency is a requirement, though some programs will allow you to improve English at the university before starting the Master's program. 

Alternatively, CUAC also offers Post-Graduate Diplomas at publicly funded Canadian colleges. Masters and PGDs alike enable students to qualify for a work permit after graduation of at least one year. If a student completes four semesters (two years), a three work permit becomes an option.

*Note: CUAC does not assist with thesis-based programs. Students should research potential advisors, whose publications indicate research focus appropriate to the student's academic and professional experience. Professors should be contacted prior to applications to ensure that new students are being accepted at the time.