The CUAC offers the highest quality counseling and advising services to students and their family supporters outside Canada and looking to find the best possible seat in a Canadian university.

These services are offered without cost to students thanks to the support of all the participating CUAC member universities. Whether you need advice on choosing the right program, or on different Canadian universities, or more general information about Canada, the CUAC is one of the most recognized sources of reliable information.

In fact, the CUAC has been recognized by Canada's national association of universities (Universities Canada) as a superb example of "good practises" in the recruitment of international students, in a report sent to the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Our help starts at the moment a student is exploring coming to Canada to study, and ends with finalizing arrangements so that the Canadian university is ready to receive the student upon arrival.


Are your academic results suitable?
Is your financial funding enough?
Are there scholarships?
Information about work/study programs (co-op)?
Is the Canadian education system the right choice for you?
Do Canadian universities offer majors and minors?
How can I study medicine or law in Canada?
How important is class-size?

All these, and hundreds of more questions are all answered at the CUAC!