Abrar Hasin from Dhaka, Bangladesh
Saint Mary's University Class of 2018

My name is Abrar Hasin. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am currently in my fourth year of University and am majoring in Chemistry. Picking SMU was a great decision for me. A major reason why I chose SMU was that it was much more affordable than other universities in Canada. Another big reason was the amazing chemistry faculty SMU has, fully equipped with many modern instruments which aids me during research. SMU has an extremely diverse and open-minded community, which helped me fit in and find friends with ease. SMU also has great on-campus jobs, which makes it much easier to work and study since you don’t have to spend too much time commuting from the workplace. I was lucky enough to be selected as a Residence Assistant for one of the floors of our residence, and it is such an amazing and rewarding position. The campus is also connected with indoor pathways, which means less time outside during the tough winters.

Having travelled to many countries, I can easily say Halifax is one of my favourite places. I absolutely love living here since it is way less crowded than my hometown, and is a very safe place to reside in. The many parks and waterfront areas are beautiful and vibrant, and are great to go to for walks. I am more than happy to call Halifax my home away from home.

To the new students deciding to come to Halifax and joining SMU, try to befriend as many people as you know. It is a great way to start acquiring connections, and it is also an amazing way to get to know people from many different cultures and have a taste of what it is like to be from different parts of the world. Experiences like that cannot be easily replaced!


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