Nomita Choolhun from Mauritius
Saint Mary’s University Class of 2018

My name is Nomita Choolhun. I am from Mauritius, a small island on the east coast of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean. I am a fourth year Accounting student at Saint Mary’s University. Choosing Saint Mary’s University to do my undergraduate studies was a great decision for many reasons. To study in Canada was always my parents’ dream and Halifax has become my second home.

With its affordable tuition and small class sizes from 2nd year to 4th year, SMU is the best choice for any undergraduate student in any field. Professors are always there to help you and they are very friendly. When I came here in my first year, I discovered a lot of new cultures, even though Mauritius is a multicultural society. Now, I have friends from various parts of the world since the university community is made up mostly of international students. Being away from my family allowed me to be independent and I am very grateful with all the help that SMU has provided me, as an international student, to adapt very quickly.

I also work at the Language Centre at SMU as a student assistant in the Registration Department. The Language Centre helps those students who are missing the English requirement to be fully accepted at the university or those who want to improve their communication skills in English. Working there allowed me to improve a lot of my skills such as networking and communicating with people around campus. With this part time job, I keep on learning new things every day; be it from administrative duties to helping in organising orientation for new students.

The best thing about SMU is it welcomes a lot of students every year and it is very easy to get friends and connect with people. Facing a new culture is a challenge but with all the guidance that I got, I am glad that I chose this university and this city to pursue my studies.


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