Janice Lobo from Hyderabad, India
Saint Mary's University Class of 2016

My name is Janice Lobo. I am from Hyderabad, India. I pursued my M.Sc. in Computing and Data Analytics from the renowned Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada. From my previous experience working in the corporate sector as a Software Engineer I recognized Data Analytics is the most sought-after field in IT. That struck a chord within me to pursue higher studies abroad. The moment I decided to achieve my goal the first country which came to my mind is Canada. The reason being due to its ethnicity and technological advancements. After thorough deliberation, I figured out that SMU is one among the elite schools’ which offers Data Analytics as an individual course.

I felt exhilarated once I received my offer letter. Thereafter, the application process started but I was perturbed owing to some of the setbacks. During those times, the CUAC team were really kind and polite and provided me with solace every time I had a query. I must admit that without their guidance and support, my journey to Canada would not have been easy.

Choosing this university and course is the best decision I ever made. Meeting new friends with diverse cultural background and learning new things heightened my wisdom. The way the lectures were taught, and the friendly nature of the staffs’ made things easier to comprehend the first time.

I share most of my memories in the library where we had most of our group studies and the café where we get to share a laugh and have some fun. In total, I will cherish each and every moment I experienced in SMU throughout my life.



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