Patrice C.K. Silvio from Mauritius
St. Thomas University Class of 2020
Scholarship Recipient

My name is Patrice C.K Silvio and I have been awarded two scholarships and admission to St Thomas University (STU). I think we all know that we, students, at some point of our life are indecisive about the choice of a university.

I always wanted to study in Canada and upon reviewing numerous universities. I came across on Facebook that there would be a convention on Canadian universities in my country (at PTC Education Consultants/ CUAC Mauritius) and I decided to go. Upon meeting Miss Kaylee Moore (International Admission Counsellor from STU) whom, gave an explicit, straightforward and plain sailing explanation about STU, I knew right away that STU would be the perfect choice for me.

The field of study I was opting for is perfectly at par to what STU has to offer, the classes are small, synonym to individual attention and the facilities offered are too many to point out. Upon many research about the campus, it has a peaceful atmosphere, many international students recommend it and above all, the procedure for applying is not a hassle at all. The fact it is an “Art-oriented” institution is what caught my attention. It offers many courses from Psychology to Criminology and the choices offered will leave you undecided of what you want to do!

I’ve been guided through all the steps by both representatives from my country and STU’s as well. STU also offers financial help like bursaries and Scholarships to academically excellent students. I just know that I did the right choice of university and I encourage others as well to apply. I think there is no better place to study rather than STU. I know for a fact that the time I’ll spend in STU will be forever engraved in my memories.


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