Ibrahim from the United Arab Emirates
Saint Mary's University

Traveling and discovering new cultures is my passion; that’s why I decided to study abroad. Worldwide, there were many different opportunities at countless universities. Saint Mary’s University however, stood out against them all with their world class business program and their classic Canadian lifestyle. Like any new adventure in life, it was scary to leave home to go to a place that I had never been. Quite frankly, I did not know what to expect; would I make friends? Will my English improve? Will I miss my family? The answer to all of these questions was yes. While I missed my family and friends back home, their support for my studying abroad only increased my ability to make friends, improve my languages, and to work towards my passion of business. Every single person that I met in Halifax was kind, respectful, and did not hesitate to help me. Not only were students and the public influential in my success at SMU, but the teaching methods of our professors are what really prepared me to apply what I was learning in class to real life situations in the work force. SMU is setting up the building blocks to not only helping me find employment, but to help me find a career that suits me.


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