Chandika Ramful from Mauritius
Saint Mary's University Class of 2018

I was born and raised on the paradise island of Mauritius. When I turned 18, I decided to leave my island behind in search of better opportunities in the wonderful land of Canada. I chose to pursue an undergraduate degree with a double major in Chemistry and Biology at Saint Mary’s University. This particular university attracted me due to its relatively low tuition fees and small class sizes. I figured that this would be a great way to obtain world-class education while alsosaving some money that can come in handy later on should I get admitted in a medical school for further studies.

When I first came to Canada, I was amazed by how kind and polite Canadians are. Friendliness seems to be their best quality! Despite then being a shy girl, it was easy for me to build a friendship with them, some of which I know will last for life. I soon started to feel very comfortable being in this country. Moreover, SMU also plays a major role for making me feel blessed to have chosen to come to Canada. I am grateful for the amazing education that I have received so far. Professors are usually very friendly and helpful. I have enjoyed having small classes from my second year to my fourth. Professors know you, and you know them. SMU, being a relatively small university, provides a lot of opportunities for all the students to become active in the school community, giving us the chance to build strong resumes. I have been given the chance to be involved in societies as well as peer mentoring programs. I have had the fabulous opportunity to be a research assistant in the Chemistry department for more than two years now, and this has allowed me to see chemistry differently from how I used to see it in my classes. SMU has also been generous to me with respect to scholarships to help me pay for my tuition fees.

However, to me, till date the best thing about SMU remains the fact that we do not need to go outside in the snow to go to our classes in winter since most of the buildings are interconnected!


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