Looking to Earn your Degree in Canada?

The Canadian University Application Centre offers over 200 bachelor's degree programs.

Some of our most popular options include, but are not limited to:

  • Forensic Science

  • Global Business Management

  • Human Rights

  • International Development Studies

  • Marketing

  • Mathematics

  • Music

  • Political Science

  • Psychology

  • Religious Studies

  • Sociology

  • Visual Arts

If you're ready to start a Master's Degree, we have options for that, too. 

Our partner programs are world-renowned:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which program is right for me?

Our counsellors are experts in the field of education and can help you choose the right program based on your academic achievements, interests, and career goals.  You can work with the CUAC staff member in your city directly, or you can conduct all correspondence via email or phone.  If you don't have a CUAC office in your city, we'll assign you an adviser to help you from beginning to end.  One of the many advantages of a Canadian education is that your initial decision is not completely set in stone.  You may decide to change your major, and that's ok!

What are the program requirements?

Each program has its own requirements, and since we are an international organization, each of the CUAC offices is well-versed in the curricula offered in their area, whether it's IGCSE/ A levels, IB, CBSE, American, SABIS, WAEC, etc.  Once we determine which program you wish to study, we look at the specific requirements.  Since we partner with the universities directly, we can advise next steps, in case you don't meet the minimum requirements.  This might mean a semester studying academic English or taking a foundation level math course during your first semester.

How much will tuition cost?

Since we partner with several different universities, the tuition costs can vary.  However, if you require a study permit for Canada, we strongly advise that you have a budget of $30,000 Canadian dollars per year.  This would cover your tuition, fees, and living expenses, and the Canadian government will require that you or your family can financially support you throughout your studies.

How can I apply for a student visa?

Once you are admitted into a program, we will help you with the next steps of obtaining your visa, from the application forms to the documents you'll need to provide.  We know it can be a daunting process, but we've successfully helped over 8,000 students obtain study permits and earn their degrees in Canada

Do you offer any scholarships or grants?

The Canadian University Application Centre does not provide any funding directly; however, our partner universities have merit-based entrance scholarships.  Generally, you would need a minimum GPA of 80% (or equivalent, depending on your curriculum).  Once you are admitted and accept your offer, the university will provide information on how to apply for additional scholarships.  Please note that you should still have available the budget stated above for tuition and fees.

Why should I apply through the Canadian University Application Centre?

We have been providing students with knowledgeablehonest, and expert advice for over twenty years in over 100 countries.  We have Canadian staff who work directly with the universities, and international staff who work directly with you, so all of our assistance is personalized and accurate.  In many cities, our partner universities require that you complete your application process through our office.  CUAC is the only organization recognized by Universities Canada in its official report to the Canadian government as a superb example of good practices in the recruitment of international students.  Plus, we don't charge you any fees.