Canadian education opens doors to fantastic careers.

But first, you need to learn what excites you as a student and what skills best prepare you for a career you will love.


CUAC is dedicated to helping you find the program that will help pave the way to the future you have planned for yourself.

  1. High quality education, funded by Canadian provinces with no competing system of private universities and excellent regulation to ensure high standards.
  2. As a G7 country, Canada has an advanced and diverse economy covering a full range of the world's fast changing opportunities; everything from aerospace to outerspace, social media to multimedia, microbusiness to megabusiness.
  3. Students can work on and off campus from the time of their arrival until graduation. After that, students can easily qualify for a work permit giving up to three years of permission to work anywhere in Canada.
  4. Students can get excellent work experience directly as part of their degree studies. This is called "co-op" because it is a cooperation between the university programs and employers in industry, government and other sectors.
  5. Canada is a highly multicultural, multilingual society. It is one of the few easiest countries in which someone from abroad can fit in as a student and as a worker in our economy. Canada also offers perhaps the most favourable pathways to permanent residence and citizenship in the world today.

CUAC counsellors are trained to help you choose the program that is the right fit at the time of your application. All CUAC universities have special offices providing career guidance, career preparation and postings of job opportunities that open up across Canada.